May 25, 2019

We’ve all had someone in our lives tell us to eat more fruits and vegetables! VegFest Kansas City is the only festival in town that helps you learn how deliciou

May 11, 2019

Over a year ago, in her 70's my Mother decided to change her lifestyle for better health.

She wanted to lose some weight, improve her labs, reduce daily medication use, and prevent chronic disease down the road.

My Grandmother had a long life into her 90’s, but her last decade was plagued with health problems from chronic diseases.  She wore oxygen, took many medications, and went to the hospital often due to complications of Heart Failure and lung disease (COPD). Eventually, Alzheimer’s overcame her mind and took her away from us before the rest of her body failed.  After experiencing this, my Mother was interested in preventing Alzheimer's and chronic disease for herself. 

In the past, my Mom has had issues with maintaining a healthy weight, insomnia, borderline high cholesterol, and fatty liver disease. Now, after changing her lifestyle all of these problems have resolved!  All of her biometric measures are now normal including blood pressure...